The Ethics of Sex Selection

This research paper is around the umbrella of biomedical ethics. Because I am interested in population issues, I want a research on analyzing sex selection (and the role of doctors) in Asian countries. It is a very controversial and going on topic and you will find simple bibliography about it. Talk about the assisted reproductive technologies that are typically positioned as increasing the range of choices open to the healthcare consumer, thereby enhancing ‘reproductive freedom’. Try to question the equivalence of reproductive choice and personal freedom in an ethical theory Talk about the role of the doctor if he is encased with a couple who do not want their embryo to be that sex preference, weather should he abort that child or not. Talk about the adverse effect of this act on the whole globe, weather it increases the sex ratio of male and female. You have the freedom to choose as many resource as possible in this paper, so you have the freedom to pick any article that you see is relevant to the paper.

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