The impact of infidelity on the military marriage and family

You are to create a Project Presentation on a topic relating to military families and “resilience.” For instance, if the topic is the impact of military service-member substance abuse disorders on the military family, you mustdiscuss the problem and then describe a secondary prevention or intervention program (choosing evidence-based practices wherever possible). You must also provide a clear and explicit tie to resilience and the family.
The Project Presentation mustbe a PowerPoint presentation that includes notes in the notes section located below the individual slides that are designed to help another person effectively give your presentation. The minimum length of the Project Presentation is 15 slides. There is not a maximum length. The goal of this assignment is to provide the you with a presentation that can immediately be used in your real-world environment to impact the selected audience.
Use the following criteria and guidelines for developing your project presentation:• Topic/Audience –At the beginning of the presentation, clearly identify the type of audience that your presentation is prepared for. It is important for the topic to be relevant to the audience.• Content – Develop powerpoint slides for the major talking points you developed in your outline. Your main talking points mustdescribe the problem and explain the intervention/prevention program. Talking points must be supported by scholarly research. In addition, you must support talking points with reading/lecture material or outside sources, good examples (pertinent, personal or conceptual examples are acceptable), or thoughtful analysis. All sources used must be documented with in-text citations.  • Professionalism of Presentation –The PowerPoint slides must be formatted neatly and professionally. Do not overload the slides with too much text or long paragraphs. Organize the slides by using the header section at the top of each slide as well as using bullet points or numbering to delineate main talking points. You may use graphs and images as visual aids in presenting the material as long as they are relevant and add value to your talking points. Keep your audience in mind when designing the slides. Use the notes field under each slide to provide a narrative. The notes section/narrative must provide enough details to explain the main talking points and help another person effectively present your material. In addition, you must include at least one exercises (in a handout) that is designed to help your audience remember and apply the information (such as role play, group, or family exercise, discussion questions, etc.).• Christian Worldview – Apply biblical themes to the problem discussed in your presentation and integrate biblical principles to the secondary prevention or intervention program. Support the biblical principles discussed with citations/references to specific passages or verses.• Current APA – The citations provided in each slide must be formatted according to APA. In addition, you must include a reference slide at the end of the PowerPoint with correct, current APA formatting. All sources provided on the reference slide must be cited at least once in-text.

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