The impact of managers leadership style on employee’s behavior


1- Research Idea: The impact of managers leadership style on employee’s behavior
2- Research question(s): Can managers with flexible and control leadership style influence the employee’s behavior?
3- Research aims: To evaluate the connotation between leadership style and behaviors
4- Explain how research is related to UAE context :Nowadays UAE is focus on its image among the world.
In the tourism sector the employees’ behavior is a matter when it comes to present the country. Tourism employees’ are showed in

different areas such as airports, international conferences, hotels and tourism places
so when the leadership style plays a role to influence those employee’s’ behaviors so we have to know the proper leadership style

especially in the tourism sector.

5- Explain how your research is related to leadership and or organizational development : The research is related to leadership and

or organizational development when the leadership style effects on the employee’s behavior and this is reflect on the tourism

sector development


– The research paper will include the following

• Contents.
• Title: Your title has to be different from your research question.
• Abstract: this section must include the idea, question, aims, method, and brief about results.
• Keywords: Please do not confuse between subject areas and keywords that have to be aligned with the UAE context.
• Introduction:
You must start by analyzing your interest when you initially thought about this topic (existing challenge or innovative idea) and

how you have reached the final version of your research question. You will have to demonstrate that your topic is feasible and

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After writing your research objectives (that will be mapped later with your results/ findings and conclusion), you have to define

key concepts that you will better locate your topic in theory, introduce your research question.
At this level, you may start applying the “research onion” especially how you have decided your research assumptions, philosophy

and your approach to theory development.

• Literature review:
As per the research process, you will have to specify which review type and critic approach you have decided to use and apply in

your individual report.
The depth of knowledge, terminology, concepts, theoretical debate are key elements in this section.

You will have to use ranked academic journals, textbooks and resources specific to the UAE when available to show your rational

thinking. Do not forget to include in appendix section screenshots about results from ADSM e-library.

• Research Methodology and Strategy:
This section includes methodological choice and research strategy. You will justify how the selected method, type of collected data

(secondary vs. primary), calculation of sample size, and analysis tool (to be linked with the excel file) are suitable to the


• Data analysis and results:
This section must include main tables, figures, and results from your data analysis tool (for example regression, K.S. Test, etc.)

and how you link results to accept or reject hypotheses. ( Excel sheet with the full data must be included)

• Discussion:
This section must explicitly give evidences relating results to your idea.

• Recommendation
Your recommendations to organizations, institutions, industries in the UAE context are essential.

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• Conclusion: You have to give an answer to your research question and open your topic to further research efforts in the future.
• Appendices: It is recommended to include research onion, research process, Gantt chart, results from excel or data analysis

software, screenshots from EBSCO.
• References: Please write few words on the style that you have decided when writing your references (Harvard or APA)