The Iranian Threats

The Iranian Threats to Block the Strait of Hormuz(SOH)- An Analysis on the Iran’s Capabilities and the Global Implications of the Blockage


To conduct a strategic research on the Iranian threats to block the Strait of Hormuz(SOH)which is assumed to be the most strategically significant transit chokepoint in the world with about one-fifth of global oil consumption passing through each day.

The outline of the paper should be as follows:
-The importance of SOH/Historical back ground
-The definition of the threat
-The implication of any blockage
-the possible scenarios
-Power comparison/capabilities
-The resent Nuclear deal and its impact on the subject
=the paper must be with at least 30 sources ( with at least 6-8 footnotes for each page)
=Introduction and conclusion must be 10% each of the total words.

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