The Myth of the Melting Pot

Consider the chapter 6 from Rereading America 10th edition “Created Equal The Myth of the Melting Pot” (page 567). “This chapter explores the interaction between these two related cultural myths: the myth of unity and the myth of difference and hierarchy.”

The paper should be 3-4 pages long explaining the interaction.

For this essay, you will need to gather evidence from the book “Rereading America” 10th edition (chapter 6), and from at least another independent source from the book.

(1) Gather information. What is the Myth of difference and hierarchy? What is some evidence that it exist? What have you learned from the evidence you gathered?
(2) Analyze your evidence. Is one of these myths more prevalent that the other?
(3) Your essay will include: A title, An introduction with a clear state thesis, a body with specific evidence including quotations, paraphrase or summary and data, a conclusion and a works cited page.


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