The New Professor


I have a story for deaf person I’d like you to read it carefully, then answer the questions with support your answers by five articles at least that support your opinion.
Make sure:
? Cover all the details in the question.
? Use APA style for citation.
? Provide me with the numbers of the pages and lines from which you got the answers. Also, I’d like you to provide me all references in a PDF files in attachments
Note: I will provide you with a hard (pdf) copy of the: case study, articles may be you help you to understanding deafness and academic .
1- “Julia was saddened to see the hearing faculty of the Deaf Education division speak in hallways and not sign around deaf faculty members.” I’d like you to point to this situation that the hearing faculty treated deaf neglect and contempt….. try to support your opinion through finding some info in the references that I provided you
2- Also. I’d like you to point to her reaction “she began to talk openly with other faculty members in departments outside of the Deaf Education department about her colleagues” as against academic duty.
3- It is importance to make a good relationship with all colleagues and work with them as team work.
4- Create a good first impression about deaf proff.


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