The Print Media Essay

The Print Media Essay is designed to get you to explore and analyze the ways in which books, newspapers, magazines and printed advertising play a role in your life. Note that this is an essay, not a research paper. This means that it is simply an organized piece of writing that looks at how you have used print media include some specific examples and a clear analysis of why you think you have used print media in this way. You are encouraged to write in first person and tell true stories about your use of print media. Your opinions and analyses mean very little to a reader who has to figure out what you are saying. Second, your paper must include analysis. What that means is that you must think about your use of print media and the information that we discussing and analyze why you think print media have played this role in your life question to help you get started: How did newspapers, magazines and printed advertising affect you while you were growing up? What impression did you have of each? Where did you get these opinions? How did your family use print media? Why How do you use print media today? Why? Have your opinions about print media changed as you have gotten older? How? Does print media affect you differently than it use to ? Why? What makes it a positive influence? Negative influence? Why? I certainly don?t want you to just answer these question . And you aren?t required to look at every one of these aspects. You can , if you prefer, look at one or two specific forms of print media. What I want is a thorough ,analytical essay that clearly shows how you have used the print media in your life and why. Your essay should 3 pages, double spaced pages.

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