The Question of God

Do we have good reason to believe in God? Are there good arguments in favor of theism? Or does faith just not make sense? Taking one side of the question, compose an essay of five-to-eight typed, double-spaced pages in 12-point font (or 1250-2000 words) which constructs an argument either for or against theistic belief. You will probably want to focus your argument more narrowly to stay within the length requirements.

When writing, keep the following guidelines in mind:

Construct an argument. That is to say, don’t just state your opinions. You should give reasons to support your claims and anticipate (and answer) at least one objection which would likely be raised by someone who believed the contrary. (This is an argumentative essay. Essays with no apparent argument will fail.)
Interact thoughtfully with the assigned readings for this unit. (You don’t need to reference every one of them, but if you don’t reference at least one of them, you will fail the assignment.) When citing one o



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