The Rise of the Medici


The Medici was a merchant family that came to dominate the politics and economy of the city of Florence. Over time, from at least the time of Cosimo de’Medici, they inserted themselves into the Florentine ruling elite and began to dominate the city’s political and economic culture. By the time of Lorenzo the Magnificent, they became the de facto rulers of the city. But, their patronage of the arts set the tone, and they were major players in the foundation of Renaissance culture in Florence.

After reading and viewing the assigned material, discuss the following in your initial post:

What strategies did the Medici employ in their rise to power? What roles did they play in patronage in Florence? How was the Medici able to leave such an indelible legacy on the history of the city? Include at least one additional resource other than the textbook in your post. Your post should be about 250 words.


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