The role of Facilities Management within the new build process

3. The role of Facilities Management within the new build process


Existing role of Facilities Management and how it could be promoted to a more strategic level within the design and build and development of new buildings.
Often the Facilities Management impacts from building design are overlooked (Maintenance; Energy amd Utilities management; Waste management; Space management etc. It would be possible for example to reduce energy consumption of the building at source by designing out over lit offices etc. instead of having to retrofit them at a later stage. The challenge is to strike the correct balance between archietectural preference and FM pragmitism.
Facilities Management, due to its wide scope of business functions and heavy involvement in the running of built facilities, should have a more strategic input into the development brief and design of new builds in order to reduce environmental impacts, maintenance requirements, running costs, whilst maximising available office space and placing the building occupant at the central focus of the design.
The paper should outline the heavy involvement and influence that the Facilities Management function has in servicing a built facility to ensure its efficient and effective running, and how an effective business case for elevating the role of Facilities Management within the design and development process of the new build can benefit both the capital cost of the build and future on-going running costs and management of the building.
Due to the experience and working knowledge of buildings in practice, the promotion of the Facilities Management role will lead to reduced running costs through efficient and effective maintenance; energy efficient Mechanical and Electrical design and effective space planning.

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