The Significance of role-playing in 1 Henry IV

Write an argumentative essay that is centered on this question/thesis:

“Discuss the significance of role playing in Shakespeare play ‘1 Henry IV’, Is there a connection between role- playing and spiritual or moral bankruptcy, or is role- playing indicative of successful self-fashioning?”

Be sure to create a strong and clear argument that accurately answers/ explores that thesis question. Make sure to begin the paper with one introductory paragraph that offers a clear thesis statement about the question and then discuss/explore it within the paper. Make sure that your not repetitive at all and that there are no awkward sentences in the paper. Also do NOT do a plot summary of the play as it is completely unnecessary.

Use some quotes from the play to support your argument about the question. It is important to remember that block quotations do NOT have quotation marks. Also remember that slash marks are only used for in-line quotation of poetry; never anywhere else (Never in quotation of prose) Also make sure to properly cite any quotes (Act, Line-Line)

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