The Structural Frame Paper

45. The Structural Frame Paper-

Pick an organization with which you are familiar and have access to needed information (for example, policies, organizational charts, job descriptions, recruitment and retention efforts, training objectives, relevant internal and external stakeholders, organizational history, etc). Please feel free to pick any organization of interest, but know that you will need to research these particulars. This same organization must be used for all short written assignments in the course and for the final paper. Please be selective, as the level of intimacy you have with the chosen organization might impact the quality of work that can be generated for each of the frames.Using the structural frame perspective and its assumptions, DESCRIBE the structural configuration of your chosen organization and highlight key organizational elements. Possible considerations to include might be roles and responsibilities, differentiation and integration of work, lateral or vertical coordination, mission or vision statements etc. Share relevant details (size, age, external environment, for profit, not for profit) so that the reader has a clear image of what this structure looks like and how organizational circumstances influence organizational design.
Do not EVALUATE the organization at this point or critique how the structure might be changed to better address organizational challenges. This is simply a descriptive essay using the structural frame and its assumptions as a means to describe the organization. Be sure to give context to the reader regarding what the structural frame entails so that your understanding of the frame comes through as you apply it, via concrete examples, to your chosen organization. Please substantiate your work using the textbook or other relevant sources.
All relevant resources (ex. organizational chart) should be submitted with your paper by the due date to this assignment. Your paper should have an introduction and closing, be four (4) pages, 12 point font, Times New Roman, double spaced, with 1-inch margins. Cite all resources using APA format. Note: I will accept papers that are a paragraph or so below or over, but you should stay within this 4-page guideline.
The Company that I choose was Cantor Colburn LLP, their main headquarters is in Hartford, CT
One of the sources that you need to use is “Reframing Organizations” by Lee G. Bolman and Terrence E. Deal

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