Theater and Self Reflection

Use your notes and a critical eye to answer these questions in a reflection style essay

Where and when do you “perform?” Who are your various audiences? What different characters might you play? Where do you see the elements of acting – objectives, tactics, obstacles – in your own personal performance? What – if any – new discoveries did you make as you considered theater and performance in a more personal way?
PS: No sources required

Final Reflection: My Personal Performance
Now let’s take an observational look at the character you know the best: YOU! You will be
using the same approach for this final activity as you did for the character sketch, and you
will recognize many of the questions from our previous activity.
For one day, make a conscious effort to examine how you use your body – when you talk,
move, eat, study, relax, and interact; when you are alone and when you are with others; at
various times of day, under different levels of stress, and in multiple environments. You
don’t need to plan any of these scenarios; they will occur naturally as you go about your
daily routine. The only difference is that, today, you will be monitoring your gestures,
posture, body language, tone of voice, word choice, and overall behavior. The true challenge
to this activity is to not manipulate your results. Do not behave in any way that is “false” to
you. You are not performing, and you are not looking for a specific result. You are simply
observing your behavior in order to analyze it later.
TAKE LOTS OF NOTES!!!Whenever you can over the course of the day, make
detailed notes discussing your physical and verbal behavior. Don’t filter,
comment on, or judge the notes; just chronicle them honestly and objectively
so you can reference them later and not have to struggle to remember the
details. Do this, as best you can, for one entire day.

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