What offences, if any, have been committed under the act of theft 1968 as a results to the following occurrences in Albert’s Store? (a) Dave, who works in the fruit department, picks blackberries growing wild in nearby forest. He sells them in the store and gives the proceeds to charity. (b) Eric, who works in the glass and China department, borrows a valuable set of six plates for a dinner party he is holding at home. In an effort to impress his dinner guests, Eric juggles with two of the plates but drops and smashes them.eric returns the remaining four plates the next day (c)Flora, A cashier in contravention of her employer’s strict instructions, takes a £10 note from the till, she fully intends to replace the money from her pay packet the following day. During her lunch break, she uses the £10 note to bet on a horse, which wins at odds 3 to 1. She puts £10 from the winnings back into the till before her employer discovers what she has done. (D) Gilbert, a former employee of the store, was dismissed after striking a fellow worker. A letter informed Gilbert that he was no longer permitted to enter the store for any purpose. At Home, Gilbert prepares a set of stick-on price labels, which are identical to those, used in the department store. He Enters the store intending to swap the true price labels from the goods in the food department with his own labels, thus enabling him to purchase the goods at a much lower price. Gilbert swaps the labels on two tins of salmon and a jar of coffee. He Then changes his mind and leaves the store having replaced the items back on the shelf

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