Theory Application Exercise


Instructions: Read the case scenario below and answer the questions that follow. Entry will be evaluated for clarity, integration of

information from the text and scholarly literature, and for evidence of proofreading. Answer ALL the questions. THIS IS NOT AN APA



Luis, 41, and Maria, 40 have immigrated to the US from Paraguay with their seven children and parents. Luis and Maria have started a new

business. Luis’ father has died, leaving a grieving elderly mother. Maria, who thought she was experiencing menopause, is actually

pregnant and Luis has just found out that he has a progressive, debilitating disease.

a. DRAW AN ECOMAP using the provided information AND your knowledge of useful resources that could benefit this family unit. Ecomaps

are discussed in Chapter 12, page 592-594. A word template for an ecomap is attached.

b. Thinking of the major life events in the case study, what are some of their potential effects on the expected developmental tasks

for Luis and Maria?

“You have met this family briefly in this scenario. Think of it as if you have been assigned to them temporarily to meet their immediate

needs. Break those possible needs down and place them in the outlying circles.

New business = Insurance?

Father died = How are they paying for the funeral?

Do they speak English? What might help them?

Maria is pregnant with 7 children at age 40. What red flags do you see with a pregnant 40 year old and what about child care when she



Make sure you use the “key” when attaching lines from the person in the center to the outlying circle that they are attached to. Make sure

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you draw the lines correctly to demonstrate the relationship. There can be more than one line to demonstrate the relationship between the

need and the person in the center circle. Use the key on pg. 592
**Book- Understanding Human Behavior and the Social Environment 10th edition