Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies


An increasing number of modern therapies are based on monoclonal antibodies. Write an account of one named therapy as an example. Your

essay shouldanswer the four sectionslisted below (% marks for each section in brackets).The marks for each section take into account the

quality of scholarship, quality of writing, coherence and presentation.

1) Definition of monoclonal antibodies; how they are made (20%);
2) Adescription of the molecular target of the antibody and the mechanism by which themonoclonal antibody works as a therapy (50%);
3) An assessment of the limitations (disadvantages) of using monoclonal antibodies in therapy (20%);
4) References (10%).
The word limit is 1500 words excluding the bibliography (references).
You must include citations of references throughout the text.
You should use journal articles and books to obtain information, as well as reliable web sites.

You should not cite pages from Wikipedia or Google as references – instead use the citations these sources provide.

You should write the report in your own words and independently and cite the journal articles and other sources (books and web sites)

within the text of your report. The bibliography should be at the end of the report and should be written in the Harvard style.

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