Thinking Styles, Negotiation and Conflict Management

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Attach copies of completed Sternberg-Wagner Thinking Style Inventories.
This is client info for both orders please write it as you are the agent

Order ID: 258795950
Dear Houd,

I wish to confirm your appointment as agent representing Pashendale Holdings Ltd for the sale of commercial property 72 Moss Road, Macquarie Park, Sydney.

This sale will be one of several under my company’s new strategic plan to divest sub-optimal and under performing assets.

I have received an offer to purchase the property from Finkleston Partners for a price of $12.6 million although I believe I could negotiate this offer up by an additional 10%.

I have also received an expression of interest from an alternative potential purchaser, Farnsworth Property Trust,

Recent statistical information on commercial property in the area suggests that 72 Moss Road, Macquarie Park, Sydney could be worth as much as $13.5 million to $14.5 million.

As my company’s agent your instructions are to negotiate the sale of the property with Farnsworth Property Trust’s purchasing agent, Ximena Aguilar Dattoli, who can be contacted by email at

I look forward to receiving your report on the successful sale of 72 Moss Road, Macquarie Park, Sydney to Farnsworth Property Trust.



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