Tutorial Paper on Arbitrage and the “Kimchi Premium” on Bitcoin prices

We want the tutorial to cover arbitrage in general, the role of high frequency trading in arbitrage along with the pros and cons of high frequency trading, and then the factors that contribute to the inflated bitcoin prices in South Korea. This should include the insulated market, regulations of financial transactions, and other factors that lead to the up to 40% price difference between bitcoin prices in the US and Korea. The paper should quantitatively calculate the “kimchi premium” from the last year to see at which point it was at its highest and try to suggest as to why these periods were so extreme. The paper should be at least 15 pages (not include graphics, reference list, appendix, etc) and have at least 10 references and 15 citations (at least one per reference). The citation style should be AMS or chicago (based on the freelancers professional suggestion)

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