Typical Statistical Tests -SPSS



The data in the SPSS file HealthData was collected from 66 senior citizens. Using these data (in SPSS):
1 Test whether age is associated with the number of medications people take. What is the conclusion? Explain.
2 Test whether the number of medications differs among those with high blood pressure and those without high blood pressure. What is the conclusion? Explain.
3 Are systolic and diastolic blood pressures associated?
4 Test whether having high blood pressure and experiencing a heart attack are associated. What is the conclusion? Explain.

1. Answer all questions with clarity and depth. Show critical thinking ability.
2. Use appropriate SPSS analyses and outputs.
3. Show necessary reasoning and steps for calculations.
4. Use appropriate SPSS outputs.http://writedom.com/api/download/207801http://writedom.com/api/download/207802

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