: Urbanization : Impact to Urban and Rural Development

– Required to prepare a review of a body of literature pertaining to a chosen topic relevant to the key topics being covered in the unit. Over the past fifty or so years a large number of studies have been conducted into the challenges firms confront when they operate and compete in the international markets. Typically, these studies have focused on some specific – and often quite small – aspect of the situation.
– The purpose of the assignment is to step back from those “micro-level” studies of companies, business strategy, internationalization, and undertake an analysis of them in aggregate within the ASEAN context. You will be studying theories in the academic literature and analyses them in an ASEAN-specific context. Specific attention should be paid to : summarising and critical analysing the overall findings which have emerged from the studies on that topic ; elaborating on the implications of those works for managers of the firms doing business internationally and in ASEAN ; and providing analysis for ASEAN policymakers at the institutional level.
– identifying significant theoritical gap(s) in the existing literature on the topic under investigation. You are to develop hypotheses/propositions and /or research questions. minimum of 9 research question.
– should be able to answer questions such as what we know?, what we don’t know?, what we need to know and why?

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