Using Historical and Architectural Research, Write an Illustrated ‘Research Novel’ Comprising a Minimum of 1500 words (six double spaced pages).

Set a scene or a number of scenes within a modern building or buildings of your choice to tell a story of everyday life during the historical moment of the modern era of your choosing. You should use up to three characters for your narrative, who can enact any story as long as it is true to the social, economic and cultural conditions of the period, and closely involves architectural settings. The architect may be a character in the novel. S/he may or may not be famous. Dogs, cats, insects or inanimate objects count as characters as long as they have a ‘speaking’ role (magic is allowed, if it tells a story appropriate to the building/s). The story can be written in any style appropriate to the historical period, from poetic to photo-journalistic, from penny romance to military report. It is highly advisable to base your writing style, form and illustrations on an appropriate existing illustrated text of the period so that your writing is authentic. Grading will be based on the realism (including magical realism) of the story, the depth and accuracy of description of the architecture as the setting or subject of the story, the impact and appropriateness of the narrative (including illustrations), the quality of graphic treatment of the novel type, including appropriateness to the historical period, historical accuracy, and the thorough referencing of the sources. At least 3 sources are required.

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