VA01 transaction code

Transaction Code Chosen: VA01 (V, A, Zero, one)


write a report identifying and discussing implementation and operational issues relating to the use of the transaction code VA01 (V, A, Zero, one).This report is expected to be 1750 words in length without the references. References should be provided in Harvard style. The report should be a critical discussion. Include all the following:

1) What sort of data issuesin the (Procurement process&Production process) would cause process problems in VA01(V,A, Zero, one) which its in the Fulfillment process? (500 words)

2) What sort of process problems in (Procurement process&Production process) would be caused by data issuesin VA01(V,A, Zero, one) which its in the Fulfillment process? (500 words)

3) Are there any key data migration or training issues relating to VA01 that should be considered during systems implementation? (500 words)

4) small introduction: 100 words.

5) small conclusion: 150 words.


It should NOT be: descriptive or a user guide. And not based on GBI.


Marking criteria:

General marking criteria are given below.
70%+: Impressive knowledge and understanding. Clearly demonstrates critical appreciation. Related to appropriate theory. Argument and logical structure is always relevant and well sustained.








Procurement process:


n process:



Fulfillment process:

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