VA01 (v, a, zero, one) which is transaction code in SAP software

The type of the paper is: Report.

VA01 (v, a, zero, one), which is transaction code in SAP software. (SAP: is a software that is used to manage business products.)

It should be about one transaction code, I chose: VA01

The details on what the report should be about is attached in this email.

Each individual must then write a short report identifying and discussing implementation and
operational issues relating to the use of a chosen transaction. You are expected to discuss:
Transaction Code Chosen: VA01 (V, A, Zero, one)
What sort of data issues elsewhere would cause process problems in this transaction?( For
example: What issue might happen in the previous steps, that might cause a problem in VA01,
then at the step that follows it?)
What sort of process problems elsewhere would be caused by data issues here?
Are there any key data migration or training issues relating to this transaction that should be
considered during systems implementation?
This report is expected to be 1200-1500 words in length excluding references. References
should be provided in Harvard style.
Marking criteria
General marking criteria are given below.
Impressive knowledge and understanding. Clearly demonstrates critical appreciation. Related to
appropriate theory. Argument and logical structure is always relevant and well sustained.
Ideas well presented and discussed. Some relation to theory and critical appreciation. Content
is always relevant, generally well focussed and organised.
Knowledge base is generally sound and some critical appreciation is shown. Discussion is
usually clear and appropriately structured but can lack clarity.
Legitimate content but relies heavily on the descriptive. Description is unsophisticated. Work
includes relevant concepts but is poorly set out.
Some elements of legitimate content but either insufficient, inappropriate or disorganised.
Majority of work is neither relevant nor accurate. Can be inarticulate or incomprehensible.

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