Variety of Short Discussion Questions

93. Variety of Short Discussion Questions

Answer each forum question with at least (250 words each). Please SEPARATE EACH QUESTION. This makes it easier to
(Anthropology) Forum Question 1:
Some linguists advance the argument that a person’s language determines what he or she can and cannot think. This is called linguistic determinism or the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis. Another position says that language influences, but does not determine, what individuals can think. A third position is that language does not influence ones’ thoughts at all. Which position do you agree with and why? Give examples from your own observations.
Objectives examined:
o Identify the origins of modern human language
o Evaluate the function and evolution of language
(Intro to Business) Forum Question 2:
What sort of difficulty can you imagine the manager of an organization would be in if the organization did not routinely prepare cash flow forecasts and working capital analyses?
(Computer Applications) Forum Question 3:
While computers can help us to work more efficiently, they can also be profoundly frustrating and unproductive. Have computers and IT really improved productivity? Discuss your findings, your experiences, likes and dislikes. Weigh the struggles an organization may have against the increased productivity they may be looking for.
(Intro to Marketing) Forum Question 4:
What is the marketing mix? Discuss how conducting a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis helps a firm (or an individual) develop its strategic plan.

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