Videos Reflections

96. Videos Reflections

CRITERIA?(same criteria as before?but make improvements!)
Pick 5 videos from the list below and write a reflection for each of them.
Each ?reflection? should relate to the topics below.
You have the freedom to choose how you relate the assigned reading to your own experiences. However, the paper must demonstrate reflection and the application of the various material.
Organize your ideas, observations, thoughts, new things you learned and what else you got out of the reading.
Each reflection should be a well considered, thoughtful, well written paragraph. This also includes quality in writing (as a skill) ? grammar, spelling ,and sentence structure count.
Read the various questions below to expand on how to approach writing these reflections.
DO NOT write something like:
– “I think it is neat.”
– “I learned that blue pencil is used in drawn animation.”
– “Animation is a lot of work.”
Do no JUST state or list ONE fact you have learned.
Expand on the examples that you are referring to by writing about your own thoughts. You need to include specific examples with your subjective content.
Questions to Consider / to help you expand on the reflections.
– How does some of the reading relate to animation you have seen growing up or that you watch now? Or how does it relate to movies with different kinds of animation in it? (such as Lord of the Rings or other movies with special effects)
– What do you find specifically interesting about the process of animation that has been introduced so far?
– What do you find interesting about any historical information concerning animation introduced so far?
– What do you think is NOT interesting and why?
– What other opinions, ideas and observations do you have about the reading?
– what did you get out of the reading? What has been helpful?
– Why do you think some people choose to tell a story through animation rather than with live action (real actors) ?
– What have you learned about animation that you did not know before?
– Stop Motion
– Animation Real World Contexts
– Digital Media and Computer Animation
– Digital Visions
The Dot and the Line dir. By Chuck Jones
Hedgehog in the Fog by Juri Norstein (plus behind the scenes) (cut out animation)
Various films by ?PES? (Western Spaghetti, The Deep, Fresh Guacamole, Game Over?)(stop motion)
Mermaid by Lisa Barcy (cut out)
Please Say Something by David O?Reilly (Computer animation / 3D animation / CGI)
A Scanner Darkly (excerpt) (rotoscrope)
Dot Dot Dot (kinetic typography example)
Stanger Than Fiction (intro) (example of motion graphics)
When the Day Breaks (an example of rotoscope) (not show in class, look this up on vimeo)
Balance (stop motion) by Wolfgang and Christoph Lauenstein

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A Mouse?s Tail (Computer animation) (not shown in class)