VW Strategic Analysis

Please Present a critical strategic analysis of VW group ‘famous car brand’ covering the following areas:
1- Resource Audit
2- Value Systems
– Consider & apply Porter Value Chain analysis.
– Consider the concept that ‘’ The value of firm is no longer solely based on traditional financial analysis of assets but the value of the firm in the marketplace incorporates intangible assets like leadership quality, innovative capability, brand equity ( McPhee and Wheeler, 2006).
– Activities that add or detract value.
– Using value-chain analysis to discover customer strategic needs.
3- Product/Service portfolio (BCG Matrix)
4- Potential future strategic growth
– Identification of options – Factors influencing options – (Basis like cost or differentiation, etc. – Direction like market penetration, product development, diversification, etc-How like alternative methods)- Strategic group mapping – SBU strategy &Identification
– Evaluation of options – Suitability
The links below provide some starting points but students are expected to add their own detailed research to develop the analysis: http://www.volkswagenag.com/content/vwcorp/content/en/homepage.html
** The following structure is suggested:
1) Introduction (Brief- it is not meant to provide a history of VW ).
2) Brief strategic position of the company
3) An evaluation of the resources and value systems of the company.
4) An evaluation product/portfolio mix.
5) A critical analysis and evaluation of KEY future directions for strategic growth.
7) Recommendations.
Assessment will focus on student’s abilities in applying strategic models and framework in a coherent manner that enables them to develop a clear strategic view of the strategic position being studied.
– The Conclusion needs to draw the analysis to a close and comment on the sustainability of VW’s strategic position. Remember you do not introduce new findings into the Conclusion.
Please remember that an assignment is not meant to describe what you have found but analysis means commenting on your findings and explain what the evidences suggest about the company.
-Use at least one Appendix, and If you include Appendices you must refer to them in the relevant section of the report findings and apply them on your case, don’t mention generic example.
– Facts and figures need to be supported with sources clearly referenced.
– Be word processed using font size 12 for the main text and 1.5 line spacing. (Times New Roman)
– Number of resources is up to the student but it should be a minimum of three including Johnson, Scholes & Whittington 2011.
– Have numbered pages. Harvard Reference and Citation.
– Plagiarism-free and professionally presented.

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