Web Application development

53. Web Application development

Initial Brief
Web Application Development
Following the success of the London 2012 Olympics you have been commissioned to create an interactive web site that allows members of the public to find others who are interested in participating in similar sports. Users will be able to find other users interested in the same range of sports within the same city. Initially membership will be limited to those resident in the UK but it is expected to roll the system out to other countries in the future. The name of the site will be “Sports Pal”.
The web site will be in the form of a social networking application allowing users to create a profile containing relevant information and allowing the users to interact in a variety of ways.
It is expected that the web application will take approximately 18 months to complete but it is vital that a basic working system is available to the public within the next 12 weeks to capitalize on the good will generated by the Olympic and Paralympics games. The client has funds to pay for a single developer for the first nine months of the project and a second developer for the remaining half of the development cycle.
The design of the site should be a clean and relatively simple three column design with additional header and footer areas. As the use of the site will be free to the public the right column will be used for targeted advertising.
As revenue generation will come from targeted advertising it is vital that the site owners can produce a report for the advertisers indicating the number of clicks on each advertisement/link.
The Assignment
1) You must plan the development of “Sports Pal” over the 18 month development period. Your plan should include, but is not limited to, the following…
a) Basic site design and branding.
b) Timeline for initial 12 week development (see below)
c) List of features for final application
d) Timeline for full implementation within 18 months
e) Initial Entity Relationship Diagram for database
This is to be handed in to the iCentre by end of day on the 6th Friday of term and is a pass/fail criteria. Your development plan should be printed on white A4 paper and stapled in the top left hand corner. Do not submit a digital version of this document.
2) You must develop the initial “Sports Pal” web application using XHTML or HTML 5, A server side scripting language, a database system, CSS and JavaScript which must include, but is not limited to, the following.
a) Home Page with different content for users who are and are not logged in to the system.
b) Facility for new users to register.
c) Facility for users to create and edit their profile information.
d) Users must provide the following information as a minimum
I. Name
II. E-mail address
III. Location (UK City)
IV. Gender
V. At least one sport of interest. A pre-defined list of sports is provided
e) Search facility to allow registered users to search for other users by sport and
or location.
f) Facility for targeted advertisements to be displayed on the right of each web
g) Basic report generation indicating the number of times each advertisement
has been clicked (A number of pre-defined advertisements are provided on
the VLE).
h) A “Forum” containing a number of categories. When logged into the system
the user should be able to post new topics under any category and reply to
any topic.
i) It is expected that you will use JavaScript elements to enhance the user
You will be required to demonstrate your application to your tutor during the tutorials of weeks 11 of the semester.
a) b) c)
d) e) f)
You are to write a report, directed to the client, outlining development progress to date. The report must include, but is not limited to, the following.
Executive Summery
Brief introduction
Current status of the project. This should include the status of each individual item listed in section 2 and a comparison with the anticipated status from section 1 above.
Updated Future development plan
Detailed discussion of potential security risks and proposed remedies. Detailed discussion work required or implemented to conform to CANSPAM regulations and the UK Data Protection Act.
Final Entity Relationship Diagram indicating current tables and fields along with proposed tables and fields.
Relevant screen grabs may be included in an appendix.
A copy
day of the semester along with a copy of your web site and SQL dump of your database on removable media.
of your printed report must be handed in to the iCentre by Friday of the last
Marking Scheme
1) Initial Development plan – Hand in end of week 6 – Pass/Fail a. All sections must be completed to pass.
2) Web site demonstration – During tutorial week 11 – 50%
a. General design – 3%
b. User Experience – 3%
c. Log in/Out – 3%
d. Create a new user – 3%
e. Update existing user profile – 3%
f. Search by sport type and location – 5%
g. Display targeted advertising – 3%
h. Display database driven forum – 5%
i. Post a new topic to forum – 3%
j. Reply to existing topic in forum – 2%
k. Additional features – 15%
3) Report, coding and database structure – End of week 12 – 50%
a. Database Structure – 3%
b. Quality of XHTML code – 3%
c. Quality of CSS code – 3%
d. Quality of PHP code – 3%
e. Quality of JavaScript code – 3%
f. Report contents – 10%
g. Demonstration of planning. – 10%
h. Analysis of security issues – 6%
i. Analysis of legal issues – 7%
j. Writing style and use of English – 2%
List of Sports…
Archery Athletics Badminton Basketball Beach Volleyball Boxing
Canoe Slalom
Canoe Sprint
Cycling – BMX
Cycling – Mountain Bike Cycling – Road
Cycling – Track
Gymnastics – Artistic Gymnastics – Rhythmic Handball
Modern Pentathlon Rowing
Synchronised Swimming Table Tennis Taekwondo
Water Polo Weightlifting Wrestling

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