what makes niccolo machiavelli in the qualities of the prince, WISE

Niccolo Machiavelli- the qualities of the prince

• When it comes to prepare a war, princes should not let luxury undertake them and to get rid of luxury in those period of war they must be cruel, and stingy. (I agree, they can’t have a weakness in their position when princes are in war)
• Princes must avoid making themselves hated and despised, and they must not rely on their servants. (it’s always safer to be loved because in that way they will not be sleeping with one eye open)
• Princes must train harder than when they’re at war, and must disciple their soldiers even better. (I agree, they can’t train during a war but they definitely can train themselves after or before a war)
• A prince shall not worry of what he heard of, if he pays too much attention that will destroy him. (everything will not like you, as long the majority do, you win)
• Princes can’t be too generous, it’s not a choice for princes. (enemies can you the fact of being generous against princes)
• In other for princes to keep their words, they should protect their people at all cost even to commit a cruel act. (princes have to be strong for their people because being love is not the only option they have to be feared as well)
• Princes need to know when to break a deal when other lives depend on it. (princes should always be ready to break promises then at all costs)
• Princes have to have a good reputation to build a future for their people. (true, reputation of a prince should be unquestionable in order to make deals with others)

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