What Push up Style Activates Pectoralis Major the Most?

What Push up Style Activates Pectoralis Major the Most?


The experiment began with one participant, 20 year old male, after shaving and preparing the skin for the E.M.G electrodes, the electrode was placed along the longitudinal direction of the pinnate muscle fibres so the E.M.G is able to read the muscles activation. The participant was instructed to perform three different push up techniques, narrow (diamond) push up with the tips of the index fingers and thumbs touching, neutral push up hands chest width apart, wide push up with the hands outside of the shoulders. Push ups need to have 1 second pauses between each phase of the push up e.g. starting position (straight arm plank) hold for one second, downward phase hold for one second and then the upward (push) phase to finish the repation perform five reps, on the visual graph of the E.M.G pick the best three reps on both upward and downward phases and take the RMS reading from the E.M.G as the raw data, then work out the average of the three readings of three reps and did this for all three push up variants, after taking the average of the raw RMS from the Maximum Voluntary Action, then used that value to divide the raw data against to work out the normalised data.




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