What the Student does Teaching for Enhanced Learning by John Biggs

Article review the assessment question is: " With reference to your own experiences of learning and teaching, explain any similarities and differences between your current understanding of good teaching and the three theories of teaching described by Biggs (1999) ". My experience of learning " finishing my high school overseas in Middleeast and their whys in education is depended or self learning study" You can talking about my own experience, you will need to use "first person" for example word I , my and me. I will upload Biggs’s article as PDF file and I will upload a good example paper module I want to do my paper same stretcher or style of writing. Marking criteria for Assessment is: * •Understanding of key ideas in set reading Demonstrates extended abstract understanding of key ideas in set reading. •Application of set reading to analysis of own experience Applies key ideas in set readings to specific, extensive and critical explanation of own experience. •Written communication skills Relationships between ideas are clearly expressed. May include minor errors in word choice, word form or sentence structure but these do not interfere with meaning. •Use of in text referencing May include minor errors in citations. Uses a variety of reporting verbs appropriately.

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