women and leadership about mother teresa

The Case Study Paper is to be 3-4 pages, double-spaced, in Time New Roman 12-point font with standard 1 inch margins. In the Case Study Paper, discuss/analyze how that woman’s characteristics and style relate to a leadership theory/approach. Although you will certainly discuss her background and accomplishments, remember that the focus of your paper should be on leadership. You are addressing the questions below in depth, not writing a research paper.
Leader: Mother TeresaOccupation/Association: Nun and Missionary
Please address the following questions in depth within your paper:
•What is her predominant style of leadership? Does she appear to have more than one style? (You should review the section we covered on “The Theories” to help you determine her leadership style.)
•What behaviors or attitudes of leadership does she exhibit that lead you to surmise this?
•How does her gender, race/ethnicity, or class appear to impact her leadership?
•Would you consider her a feminist? Why or why not?
•What was/is her vision and what was she able to accomplish through her and other’s leadership?
Please complete the assignment using Microsoft Word. Your total paper will be 5-6 pages. This will include the cover page (with your name, date, name of leader researched, and IDST 420- Women and Leadership), three full pages minimum of your written paper, and a references page.



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