Women and race: Your colleagues will, no doubt, talk some about this issue in their presentation on race. However, there is much to be said about how 19th century gender systems divided women, so you have the opportunity of being able to build on the work of others. If they are not able to suggest

answers for the following questions, see what you can do: What was it like to be a poor black woman? A wealthy black woman? A poor Irish, Italian, Jewish, etc. immigrant?

The Essay: A 1250 word essay that describes the most interesting information you found in your research and why you
found it so interesting.
Whereas sources will, inevitably of course, be quoted and documented and otherwise referred to as you
present your info, this essay is not a description of the specific sources you find. It is a discussion of the
issues and the information that you found most important.
The purpose of the essay is to educate the
class on the issues your research revealed.
While the essay will form the basis for your presentation, the presentation can be more expansive and informal. I encourage you to provide visuals or auditory sources (recordings of songs, speeches, etc. can be fun).
This is the first big era of photography, so we have a rich visual record.
Remember that everyone will have access to your essay and bibliography on BB, so your job in the presentation is to
share the most interesting and useful parts of your research journey.
If one particular source was especially fruitful, tell us about it. If a piece of data or a historical event makes an impact on your
thinking, spend a little time with it. While the purpose of the presentation is to give your colleagues
general information on a subject, the specific case study can make that information come alive.

Grading criteria for essay, which is worth 40 points:
•Is there an introduction with an appropriate thesis? The thesis
—and essay–should reflect an appropriately narrowed
focus. For example, “Labor relations in 1890 were very complicated and far ranging. However, in this
essay I will focus on child labor in the late 19th century and
what it tells us about the period.”
•Are there well-focused body paragraphs that synthesize information from multiple sources, avoiding the
dreaded one
-paragraph structure?
•Does the essay employ useful categories? For example, a focus on gender roles in the 19th century might break
down the discussion by looking at women in the country versus the city, or rich, middle, and low
-income gender roles, or roles within immigrant communities.
•Does the essay include your reflection/analysis
on what you found? While this essay is primarily a presentation
of information, some reflection/analysis should be included.
Introductions and conclusions are good places for an author’s reflections on a topic.
•Is the essay clearly written and accurately documented?

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