Women in Leadership in Higher Institution


The research should be carried out looking at women in leadership in the higher institution and if their education relates to their career goals. and compare allsecondary research that has been carried out in the past

Secondary Research Report and Research Design
This report should state the research purpose, questions, and objectives. At this stage you are expected to: conduct a comprehensive review of secondary information and primary sources to obtain background information (using the American Psychological Association –APA- style, please properly cite all the references you use so the reader can easily find and access them) and specify hypothesis based on the secondary data and/or exploratory research. Your review should provide a summary of existing research findings and existent strategies pertaining to each research topic. A table can be useful in presenting existent strategies or methods. In addition, you should specify your unique contribution to the research topic. A conceptual model or theory should guide your research. Identify and justify the relevant factors/information needed to formulate a research design and the appropriate techniques that you will use for this purpose. You may choose to conduct focus groups, personal interviews, content analysis (or other type of analysis), surveys or observations. Your chosen design must be appropriate and relevant to your chosen research questions. The scope of your project should be commensurate with the time line.



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