Workplace Injuries

(a) Introduce your selected topic and describe its prevalence in the Australian population with specific reference to your age and gender. (b) Summarise, using appropriate published statistics or other references, the burden the chosen risk factor has on our society. This will be in terms of mortality, morbidity, disability and costs (if known). (c) Explain three (3) factors which have been shown to contribute to the risk factor. For example: speeding is a significant contributor to motor vehicle injuries. (c) Describe how it may affect you as a paramedic. (d) Identify national & international recommendations related to this risk factor Your assignment MUST be presented with the following elements: A front page with the title, topic, students name and word count clearly identified. At least the following four (4) headings within the text: Introduction Discussion Conclusion References Additional headings should be placed between the Introduction and Conclusion headings. Appendixes can be incorporated but they should only support your work, and not form the basis of it.

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