Develop a workshop that you can deliver to your colleagues, parents, or other interested parties. Again remember that the diverse group I have provided for you should be the focus group for your workshop. The workshop should include Specific examples of technology, including the use of UDL, AT, and Web 2.0 that would meet the needs of communications disabilities frequently found in public schools.
a. I would expect at least five examples for each group of students in the class. A group of students is defined as “a group with similar disabilities, exceptionalities, or special needs.”
b. I would expect that 50% of the information would be new (not mentioned in this course).
You should include information and activities for participants that would help them understand the importance of having and using the technology.
A rationale for each of your technology choices should be included (school boards and principals do not give money away without darn good reasons). You should use the UDL Guidelines and Checkpoints found on the CAST website for your rationales. You should include information from the course text and other course information. You may use a table to complete this section (I strongly encourage the use of a table.) For example:
Barrier Technology Rationale
This project should include a brief written section to address workshop goals and objectives, a rationale for selecting this topic, collaboration with others (if any), timelines, and methods for evaluation of the workshop.
Please include a list of print references and websites used to complete your project.
For examples of professional development workshops, see the CAST website, but do not be intimidated, I do not expect as extensive a workshop as these.
Examples of workshops:
As a principal, you could develop a presentation to the School Board, asking for funds to buy technology, including AT, for your school.
As a classroom teacher or the district’s Educational Technology specialist, you might develop a presentation on technology that would support learning at your grade level or content area to present to your grade level planning team or at a school faculty meeting.

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