Writing Assignment (Turnitin enabled)

Writing Assignment (Turnitin enabled)
Please, do the assignment AFTER completing the writing workshop video (video in file) also I included the book chapter that talk about “trans-Atlantic slave trade”

Write a short, two page paper that conforms to the style and expectations laid out in the writing workshop video. Your paper should be an argument that either agrees or disagrees with the following statement and provides evidence for your view.

“Ultimately, the horrors of the trans-Atlantic slave trade can be blamed on the African kingdoms that facilitated the trade.”

Make sure your introduction has a very short sentence that gives the context, then an underlined thesis statement, and then a roadmap (an indication of what points you are going to use in your paper).

After that, your paper should have several paragraphs, each containing one main point supported by evidence that has been properly cited using footnotes. Remember to cite ALL evidence with footnotes!!!

The paper should end with a very short conclusion.

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