Writing with a definition essay


After practicing using definitions to write a paragraph on the American dream, students are ready B
to begin writing the definition essay. The prompt (topic) for the definition essay is what word or

definition represents the student‘s dreams or interests? Instructions: *******Use the word

Compassion I want to be a Nurse********* To respond to the prompt – define a word or phrase

that represents the student‘s dreams or interests – students need to Research the general meaning

of the word or phrase Define and explain what the word or phrase means to the student Connect

the dream or interest to the student’s landscape The word or phrase defining the dream or interest

may represent present time or the future. It may be a term or phrase that describes an interest. For
example, perhaps the student is a budding singer or songwriter?A chefPAn artist? What does the

student dream of accomplishing? Is the student planning on becoming a teacher, a veterinarian, or

a business manager? Students could compare or contrast the word or phrase to experiences they

think the reader is familiar with in order to explain the meaning. Or, the student might choose to

analyze why it is of interest (the causes) or how its influences (the efiects). Be aware that the use of
examples and descriptive writing will also be necessary. The essay must include at least two

quotations or summaries of material from two different types of sources in support of the

definition. The sources may come from an Internet site (Wikipedia and other similar online sites are
not valid sources for research), on electronic database, or a book. After choosing a topic for the
definition essay, follow the eight steps of the writing process, including prewriting, focusing,

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organizing, and outlining and drafting, revising editing, and proofreading the essay before

submitting it to the instructor for evaluation. Format Requirements Write 500-600 words, five

paragraph minimum Use two print or database sources – only one may be from the Internet

Follow standard MLA style format and documentation requirements for in-text citations and for the
Works Cited page Refer to the Write and MLA Style sections in The Little Seagull Handbook for

guidance in writing and formatting the essay.