Written essay

Assignment guidelines
written essay (2400 words +/- 10%)
The assignment will be a written essay discussing key educational and sociological theories and how these may be applied to analyse education as an institution and subsequently the relationship between education, knowledge and society.
An essay is a piece of writing that methodically analyses and evaluates a topic or issue. It is designed to get your academic opinion on a particular matter. Academic opinion is different from a personal opinion as it is informed by engaging with and examining a broad range of scholarly views on the topic or issue that are used to form the basis of your argument, it is not just what you think, there is some defendable evidence that has led you to this viewpoint.
An essay is not about simply surveying and re-telling existing ideas. Instead, a good essay takes into account various opinions and points of view, both those that support your opinion and comparing with those who may have an alternate point of view, justifying your own stance. The author then puts forward an argument that reflects this informed opinion. A reading has been uploaded to the reading list that outlines and unpacks academic essay writing which can assist those of you who are not confident with this writing genre.
Brick, J, 2011, Academic culture- a student’s guide to studying at university. Ch 14 – Writing essays: general –specific texts. Pp 147 – 160
In writing this essay Unit readings, policy documents, study modules, in class and online activities can be drawn upon to shape your arguments. You are also encouraged to source your own additional readings, research and literature to inform your academic argument.
Your essay MUST include a title (the title is often framed after the essay is written).
You will need to include a minimum of 35 relevant references, 15 taken from the unit guide while others sourced through academic texts of academic journals ONLY.

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Assignment criteria
The essay presents a well-argued and informed discussion which draws on key educational and sociological theories to analyse the relationship between education, knowledge and society
The essay presents an insightful discussion that explores education and learning as both formal and informal and how this is shaped by societal and cultural influences and priorities
The essay is well structured and includes a title, introduction and conclusion with body paragraphs which are logical and cohesive presenting a balanced argument.
References used are well sourced, relevant and present a broad range of relevant viewpoints
Written essay complies with accepted academic English writing conventions, grammar, spelling and referencing styles and adheres to word limit (+/-10%).