Wrongful Conviction: Women


Wrongful convictions has become a pressing issue in Criminal Justice in the United States. The Innocence Project is one of the many sources instrumental in bringing to light the faces and stories of many of the exonerees. However, the objective of this paper is to explore wrongful convictions in the United States specifically female exonerees. Of the 1,284 exonerees, approximately 7% are women.
Case Studies;
Each student will be assigned 4 women.
From the National Registry of Exonerations you will extract all the information you can about the exoneree – full name, race, age, crime, state, sentence, convicted, exonerated, overview of case.
You must provide a reference sheet on articles written on wrongful convictions and women.
Provide a coversheet
Provide a strong introduction on wrongful conviction and the ethical issues attached. (3-4 strong paragraphs)
Provide a clear objective of your paper including the name of the exonerees you will examine.
Keep the same format for every case you examine.
1. Fredda Susie Mowbray
2. Lacresha Murray
3. Cathy Watkins
4. Mary Weaver


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