yeast growth


To what extent different light conditions affect yeast growth?

This is an IB internal assessment. Please write a lab report including these datas.
Materials: 3 Graduated cylinders, 1 teaspoon sugar (for each cylinder), 20ml of warm water in each cylinder, 1 teaspoon of yeast in each

cylinder, aluminum foil and semi transparent panting to block and limit sunlight, scissors.

My procedure was to take 3 different graduated cylinder, one wrapped with aluminum foil, one wrapped with semitransparent panting and one

without anything and examined the yeast growth inside. Here are the datas (please use these values):

After 5 min: Aluminum wrapped: 25ml
Semi transparent: 23 ml
Receiving full sunlight: 21 ml

After 2 hours: Aluminum: 40 ml
semi transparent: 29 ml
full light: 25 ml

Also please include that the yeast that received UV lights from the sun, and the UV lights destroyed it.

Finally please add that in the recent years yeasts have been used for alternative energy and is important for our society. Please use the

pictures attached and add a graph containing the data that I have provided.

Please be careful with plagiarism

Please use this site to see examples of other internal assessments and write mine according to those formats :

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