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You have been part of the development of a group this semester. At the completion of your master’s or in your current career position, you will be leading and participating in many groups. For the mid-term, exam: assume that the people in your current group will be working with you in your company to develop a marketing plan for a product that your company has developed. As the team leader for this marketing plan, discuss the following information: 1. Describe your current or future career position (your concentration area?) 2. Decide on the product that your company will market and briefly describe the importance of this product to your company. 3. Discuss the following factors, how you will utilize these, and how these will relate to the team (your group members) and to your role as a leader and what you will do to make the this endeavor a success. Relevant Background factors Personality, FIRO-B, gender, age, health, attitudes, values Johari Window Types of communication and impact on group development Physical Environment (seating, networks, size, type of groups) Status and Power Leadership and Followership styles Types of decision making Stages of group development.

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