Yucca Mountain

34. Yucca Mountain

This Essay Project has two parts, I have completed part one already and you will you use my part 1 which is "Research Proposal" about the ethical issues of Yucca Mountain and it states my position for it. Part 2 is the actual essay which is "Differing Viewpoints Essay". So Basically you will have to write about the other position that i stated in the proposal.
Please Read my Research Proposal and the Guidelines of the Essay as well as focus on the grading rubric on how they want the paper to be an excellent one. Check the Attachments for the Documents.
Step I: Topic Proposal
Students will give their TAs a short proposal on their planned essay topic. The proposal
must summarize a current debate within the student’s field of engineering and clearly
identify its ethical dimension. The topic must be approved by the TA before any part of the
Opposing Argument Essay can be submitted. Students who turn in unacceptable topics must
turn in a revised Topic Proposal that addresses TA concerns within a week of receiving TA
feedback. The proposal should be about 250 words and include at least two citations.
Failure to complete the proposal will result in a ten (10) point penalty on the Thesis Defense Essay
Step II: Differing Viewpoints Essay
In this paper, the student will outline and defend at least one but no more than three positions
on the issue that differ from the position the student plans to defend in the final essay. The
purpose of this assignment is for you to explore an ethical debate in engineering and practice
fairly explaining the ideas and arguments of others. It should include an introduction that
explains the importance and scope of the topic. This assignment must be at least 1000 words.

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