A German Online-Game Company is Considering Outsourcing a Part of its Program Development Division Overseas

International Human Resource Management (IHRM) coursework A German online-game company is considering outsourcing a part of its program development division overseas, and has hired you to conduct a research-based analysis of the plan drawing on the relevant academic literature. The company wants you to focus on the possible effects on employee and organizational performance using your extensive expertise in HRM. Construct your report to discuss and make clear recommendations on the following points: 1) The risks and benefits of outsourcing in this context 2) The most suitable 2 countries located in different regions for the move 3) How best to manage the outsourcing move I attached files that provide information about criteria and content (important!). Please read ALL of them carefully. – Essay question and Criteria.doc, Outline of the essay structure.doc, Reading list.doc and Overall Instructions.doc have significant information, please read – The Example-Work-life Balance.doc is ONLY AN EXAMPLE OF AN ESSAY and is on a different theme. I uploaded it so as to give a hint how an essay may be structured. IT IS NOT TO BE CITED OR COPIED AS IT HAS ALREADY BEEN SUBMITTED – Feel free to use readings you have found and are not in the reading list.doc The essay will be evaluated based on the following criteria: 1. It should start with an extremely interesting first sentence (lecturer’s requirement) 1. Provide a clear and concise argument 2. Show analytic knowledge of academic theory that goes beyond description 3. Provide evidence from the practice of management (e.g. examples of company initiatives) 4. Provide a strong introduction and conclusion positioning the essay in the wider literature 5. Adhere to scholarly standards (presentation of the work, proper referencing, avoidance of plagiarism)

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