A Political System Without A Monarch

Discuss A Republic, Which Is A Political System Without A Monarch. How Is A Republic Different Than A Democracy?

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Aristotle wrote about different government structures with three that are legitimate and three that are corrupt. A country devoid of any government plunges into anarchy. Although we hear about it less and less these days, anarchy does exist when an old government violently dissolves, and a new administration isn’t robust enough to take control. Anarchy happens mainly in developing countries as developed nations tend to transfer power peacefully.
A monarchy is a rule by one person, usually because of heredity. Queen Elizabeth is the monarch of Great Britain but has relatively limited power nowadays. In past decades, the monarchy was all-powerful, which made a lot of many of the Kings and Queens, tyrants, which Aristotle noted was the corrupt form of a monarchy government.
An aristocracy is a rule by a few. Aristotle explained that an aristocracy was the legitimacy form of government in which a few people rule the masses. The corrupt form of this is the oligarchy. Some suggest that the U.S. is now governed by an aristocracy or worse an oligarchy because only people with certain last names and with a lot of money can become part of the ruling class. However, this is quite exaggerated.
The U.S. based on the rule of many. According to Aristotle, the corrupt form of the many rules is a democracy. Democracy is when every person votes for laws to be enacted and elected officials. The legitimate way is polity. This definition by Aristotle begs the question; why would Aristotle think democracy was a corrupt form of government?
Aristotle exploration of who should rule, why they should rule, and in what way they should rule, which had been expounded upon for centuries by the different philosophers we discussed last week. Many of the thoughts from the Enlightenment were woven into the U.S. Constitution. The U.S. Constitution established federalism or a system with divided power between a central government and first-order government. Specifically, in the U.S., power is divided among the different branches and different levels; therefore, the federal system makes the U.S. “laboratories of democracies.” In other words, rule by many people is happening in every section of the country.
Let’s discuss a republic, which is a political system without a monarch. How is a republic different than a democracy?
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Roskin, M. G., Cord, R. L., Medeiros, J. A., & Jones, W. S. (2014). Political science: An introduction (13th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson. References

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