Alternative Urban Future for Wahpeton, ND

Using your hometown (or where you live currently) as the basis for this essay, develop an Alternative Urban Future plan for your town. You may choose from any number of solutions possible, but it should be grounded in the material you read about in Pinderhughes. The key to this assignment is to develop one of the many millions of solutions possible, meaning you’re not being asked to develop a wholesale plan, just one aspect of it.

The key to this assignment is to examine, more closely, the intricacies of your urban ecosystem. Do not develop a plan that already exists, please. Be as creative in your solutions as you have been in your discussions. Some before you have developed urban gardens, green roofs, transit plans… the key is that it must be specific to your hometown.

Some fundamental requirements:

1) Develop the plan as if you were delivering the idea to your City Council or Planning Commission. What this means is do not spend an inordinate amount of time describing the town’s development from early settlement to now, simply start with what your proposal is and why you’re proposing it; then move to the how.

2) You must include all the stakeholders in the discussion; so some thoughtful consideration for citizens, utilities, private and public funding agencies, business owners in terms of how they contribute or are affected by the plan, meaning how they benefit, and what costs they might incur. These are just a few examples of stakeholders in your urban ecosystem, there will be others. If a referendum is required, which likely with all of your plans it will, your education campaigns will need to be fully developed.

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3) Your plan must be logically developed but does not have to include the technical know-how of say, how Photovoltaic cells work, for example. We’ll stipulate you have experts on your committee who can address this.

4) You plan must have a timetable of execution.

5) Your analysis must include an argument as to why this is so critical to your community and communities at large. Basically you’re suggesting that everyone change something about the way they are living, that argument needs to be fully developed.

Sustainability plans take effort and take time so start giving it some thought. You have the ground work established with one of the earliest discussions we did on your hometown, in addition to several along the way.

What won’t be an acceptable plan is putting out blue bins and hoping people recycle. You need to take it several steps further.

Consider your presentation running 45 minutes to an hour followed by Q&A. You need to be thoroughly prepared, as such, your essay needs to very well-organized and thorough.

If you bring in alternative sources, please cite them using either in-text citation or footnotes AND a bibliography.