Analytical Reading and Writing

101. Analytical Reading and Writing

This is a Formal assessment task: Thinking critically.
An argumentative thesis statement, on the other hand, has a clear stance on a debatable topic, fiercely argues that the writer’s opinion is correct and reflects this subjectivity both in its style and tone.
What you must do is present a compelling argument in your essay about the double danger of English as a global language, we are concentrating on an element of the academic essay: objectivity. it is necessary to present your own opinion. We will be concentrating on the elements found in the body paragraphs of an essay: topic sentences, evidence and examples, and analysis in terms of thesis.
Remember to have a debatable topic, state your claim and stance as strongly as possible and make the reader understand that your aim is to persuade rather than only to inform.
Reading: this case study both discusses economic issues of the globalization of English, are Jeffrey Gil,” The double danger of English as a global language”, and Deborah Henderson, “The NALSAS strategy for Asian languages in Australia”.
Whats in the body:
• The body will most likely include:
1. Evidence that you will use to support your argument, usually in the form of quotations.
2. Examples that you might use to illustrate important points in your argument.
3.Analysis of your evidence and/or examples in order to draw out your argument; that is, to prove that your argument follows logically from your evidence.

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