Ant Research Paper – Measuring whether pest control is necessary by measuring ant populations.

conduct an experiment for a hypothetical company, seeking to research the surrounding ant population.
This was done via studying two areas from the environment
i) Food areas
ii) Non food areas (further from infrastructure(
The food areas showed a lower population, suggesting the business should not set up pest control.
The ant population was studied through counting ants that approached a paper with honey over 5, 10, 20 and 30 minute intervals. There was 6 non-food areas and 6 food areas.

Please write an abstract and introduction (as much as you can with the information)
Abstract (Why the study was undertaken? What problem was addressed? How the problem was approached? What were the major results found from the study? What major conclusions were drawn?)
An introduction with 10 – 15 references (extremely relevant) to study, in-cite references from journal articles only.


The hypothetical business asks:

Dear ABC Environmental Consultants:
The City Council is currently seeking information on the ant colonies and numbers found owith respect to locations of food consumption. Members of the public have raised concerns that ants in the main courtyard and regions where tables are present in this precinct have reached pest proportions and may represent vectors of damage and/or irritation to humans compared to elsewhere on the campus grounds. We would like ABC Environmental Consultants to undertake a study to determine the following:
– the three main morpho-species present on campus (photos required),
– the average species richness (number of morpho-species) in and out of main eating areas on the campus grounds
– whether there is a difference between average ant abundance in food areas compared with non-food areas, and
– advice on whether a pest control management plan is warranted to control the ant populations in any location.

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