AQR Personal finance project


-Your title page must include name, project title, name of class, class period, and date
(8pts) go to and find TWO careers you might be interested in pursuing. You MUST choose one which REQUIRES a degree (just a plain bachelors degree no master or whatever). Choose a city you plan to live in, and find the STARTING annual salary for each job IN THAT CITY. include all information in a table.
(22pts) research those two jobs to find the following information and report in table format:
-annual comfort
-Monthly gross income
-current federal tax rate for your income bracket (cite your source)
-current state tax rate for your income bracket (cite your source)
-social security and Medicare withholdings (cite your source)
-monthly after tax take home pay (show process)
-annual after tax take home pay (show process)
(6pts) write a BRIEF but thoughtful paragraph discussing which other factors you might consider before deciding which job to take, which job you would choose, and why.
(8pts) choose a competitive investment (not a checking account), from two DIFFERENT financial institutions, in which you might invest. Make a TABLE FOR EACH, showing the type of investment, intrest rate, compounding period, and any restrictions for each type of investment. Keep in mind, you will begin this investment at the beginning of your career , so investments which require a large initial deposit will not work.
(21pts) choose ONE. Of the investments you researched and calculate how much money you would have IN THIRTY YEARS, assuming you invest 10% of your take home pay each year and receive a cost of living raise (set at the current rate of inflation ) each year. Put this information in an excel spreadsheet and provide the equations you used. [annual pay / % invested / intrest earned / total invested / running total]
(10pts) using the percentages below, find the amount of money your annual income will allow you to spend monthly on each category. Display this information in atale. (So like a monthly income: )
– housing 30% – essentials 2% -transportation 15%
– utilities 5% -medical 5% -savings 8%
-food 20% -clothing 7% -fun 2%
(25pts) your report must be professionally typewritten. All grammar and spelling must be proofed. To earn the highest grade possible, your work must be complete yet succinct and include everything listed on this assignment.

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