Argumentative Essay


In our reading of Parable of the Sower, we’ve been presented with a number of arguments that have no easy answer. Should Lauren’s father

have prepared people for coming disaster, or would that have just increased panic? Should Lauren’s family have tried to get into Olivar

and its relative safety, or was the cost and risk too high? Is Lauren’s killing of the attacker in their camp the right thing to do, or

should she have shown mercy? Should Lauren have opened up to the group about her hyperempathy, or was that an unnecessary risk? (I am

doing this question, and I am on the side of her hyperempathy not being a risk).
For this assignment, you will choose one of these questions from the reading, or another of your construction, and develop an

argumentative essay around your position. To do so, you will need to develop a clear argument about your position, use evidence to support

your position (preferred evidence from the book, but other sources could work as well), and fully explain to the reader why your position

is the correct one.
As a first step, go through the argumentative questions and decide which you have a strong opinion on. Once chosen, list out the reasons

why you hold that position as well as why it matters and then note the evidence that supports or contradicts your position. One required

aspect of this assignment is to answer the opposition. You will need to acknowledge the arguments of your opposing side, what is relevant

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of those arguments, an then ultimately refute them.
This paper needs to be 1200-1600 words.