Avoiding animal cruelty


Develop a full Social Marketing plan for a social issue – Avoiding animal cruelty


You report must include:
1) Context: Briefly present the background, purpose and focus of the social marketing plan. (20 marks)
2) A SWOT analysis (20 marks)
3) Presentation and justification of your proposed segmentation, targeting and positioning (ensure you provide suitable behaviour, knowledge and belief objectives and goals as well as consider the barriers, benefits and competition).
(20 marks)
4) Provide a detailed marketing mix for your plan. Make sure you address all the elements of the mix, and not just the communication. (20 marks)
5) The allocated budget for your marketing plan is £100,000. Explain briefly how you intend on funding and implementing your campaign. It is advisable to use the full amount to finance your plan. Please note that this money should be allocated to the marketing activities you designed to tackle the social issue of your choice. In other words, this money shouldn’t include overheads, your employees’ salary etc. (20

**To support the above (in particular the development of objectives and goals and an understanding of the target segment barriers, benefits and competition) you should complete a small amount of primary research with your target segment. **




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